Student Publications

BSU English has its own magazine, CRE8 (currently on hiatus), and students also frequently write for blogs as part of their coursework.

Why serve on an editorial board?

Most writers are also readers – they read for the love it, and to feed their writing. When they serve on an editorial board for a literary anthology, they learn another way to read: they learn to read for the sake of the work itself. Their response to a piece might start with “I like this” or “I don’t care for this,” but in the end they also have to ask “is this right for the publication even if I don’t care much for it,” or “is it not right, even though I love it.”

An interesting thing happens as an editorial board works through submissions: the publication, whether a magazine or an anthology, becomes a work of art in itself. Members of the editorial board learn how to sense that, how to honor it, how to bring the publication to its highest point of completion. It is an act of work and an act of love, and it comes with all of the troubles and satisfactions that those acts bring to us in our lives outside the page.


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