Bachelor of Science

If you have equal passions for literature, writing and teaching, the English Department’s unique and innovative Bachelor of Science with Teacher Licensure is for you.

Our program meets the State of Minnesota’s degree requirements, but it goes well beyond that. Faculty, many of them former high school teachers, stay in touch with teaching alumni and exchange ideas. When suggestions are made, the department listens.

  • Alumni say they now have to teach professional writing. We added professional writing courses to the program.
  • They tell us that the course “Teaching Writing in Secondary Schools” helps them be better teachers. Few schools offer it. We do.
  • We encourage recent graduates to visit with our BSU classes and to share their students’ work with our teachers-in-training.

Courses Taught by Professional Educators

The professors who teach our English education courses once taught in public schools themselves. Our program is strong and innovative because we are closely connected with practicing high school teachers and because we strive to give our students experience working in local schools.

In addition to English Department courses, you will take Professional Education courses required by the State of Minnesota, including “Developmental Reading”, “Methods of Teaching” and “The Professional Teacher”, and you will student teach in a public school.

What about Jobs?

The US Department of Labor Statistics predicts a twelve percent increase in the opportunities for teachers over the next ten years.

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