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Bachelor of Arts in English

  • Preparation for entry-level careers
  • Preparation for MA and PhD graduate study

Your study for the BA in English will be an immersion in reading. You will journey through time in survey classes such as American Literature. In topics courses such as The American Short Story and Romantic and Victorian British Literature you will submerge yourself in the literature, but also the lives of influential writers. You will learn to understand movies as literature in courses such as American Film and Women in Film, and in Literary Criticism you will learn how "good writing" has changed over time. The course Linguistics will delve into the radical changes involved in the evolution of the English language.

In addition to intense attention to literature, you will select a concentration that will enhance your studies, either in additional courses in literature or writing; in related courses, including languages, history, philosophy and cultural studies; or in a minor of your choosing. A minor helps prepare you for work in related fields, such as mass communication, technical studies, art or the sciences.

After You Graduate

You BA in English prepares you for entry-level work that requires critical thinking and the skills of a writer or editor. The US Department of Labor Statistics predicts a ten to twenty percent increase in the opportunities for writers and editors over the next ten years. These positions are traditionally held by graduates with the BA in English. This degree also prepares you for graduate study in literature or writing.