The Geography department at Bemidji State presents a unique opportunity to learn about and, more importantly, experience the human-environment geographical connection.

It is a complex world; an understanding of these interrelationships is essential to successful engagement in our society.

Our Programs

We offer undergraduate programs for a BA or a BS in Geography as well as a BAS in Sustainability and Resource Management.

Double Majors in Geography with other fields of study offers a nice complement of skills when entering the work force or graduate school. We also offer Minors in both Geography and Geographical Information Systems.

Talk to Us!

You will meet many who approach the study of geography enthusiastically and passionately. We encourage you to contact any of our faculty; we always enjoy sharing our passion for geography. If geography is your passion, then please consider enrolling at Bemidji State today.

The Geography department is located on the first floor of Sattgast Hall. Feel free to contact any of our faculty.

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