About Geography

The Geography department at BSU is a small, but energetic group  with a broad scope. Our objective is to provide many opportunities for students to prepare themselves competitively to engage in the global society in which we live.

We embrace BSU’s signature themes: international/multicultural understanding, civic engagement and environmental stewardship. A course of study in Geography is an invitation to discover, explore and interpret these themes.

What Do Geographers Do?

Human and physical geographers work together to critically analyze the physical and social consequences of processes, changes or policies. Physical geography is often what we first think of when asked “what does a geographer do?”

Physical geographers study and analyze landforms, climate and ecosystems; these are tangible things that are crucial elements of our natural landscape. Human geographers study and consider cultural, economic and political issues within a physical area; these are the intangibles, frequently unpredictable and variable and so often a subject of fundamental and rapid change, which exist in our everyday, global landscape.

By working together to critically analyze the complexity of these interconnections, our scope broadens and our questions deepen.

Immersion, participation and observation of and in the world around us. This is what Bemidji State’s Geography Department is all about.

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