We encourage you to contact any of our faculty if you have questions about the department, courses of study or about their ongoing research. We always enjoy sharing our passion for geography.

Mark Lawrence is the faculty advisor for the Geography Club.  

Samantha Jones
Assistant Professor
Office: S 122Box #27
(218) 755-3946
Email: samantha.jones@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Mark Lawrence
Office: S 124 ABox #27
(218) 755-2921
Email: mark.lawrence@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Jill Stackhouse
Associate Professor
Office: S 124Box #27
(218) 755-3350
Email: jill.stackhouse@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Jeffrey Ueland
Interim Dean
Office: S 121Box #27
(218) 755-2805
Email: jeffrey.ueland@bemidjistate.edu
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