Undergraduate Programs

The photographs in the gallery represent Student Research trips to Kenya.  Dr. Mark Lawrence leads a unique, service learning experience for those students with developed project proposals, who are not faint of heart and have a geographer’s curiosity about the world in which we live.  These trips provide a unique and extraordinary experience for Bemidji State University students.  Pictures provided courtesy of Monika Lawrence.

Our BA and BS degrees in Geography are integrated global studies degrees in which students can choose a specialty area such as Planning, GIS or International Studies.

As students of Geography, no matter what path you take, you will explore your own place in the world, your values and responsibilities to others as well as to the health of the planet.

Geographers examine, study and experience social, spatial and environmental processes in both natural and human systems.  Because of this diversity, our department offers several choices for Geography degrees.

All have similar core course content which builds the foundation for the upper-division specialty area courses. Geography is by its very nature an interdisciplinary course of study. We encourage students majoring in Geography to enroll in courses offered in other departments to enhance their experience in the Geography program.



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