Geography BA

The BA in Geography is an integrated, interdisciplinary global studies degree in which students can choose an area of focus through specific electives. The value of spatial awareness and analysis are critical skills for today’s world.

Students of geography, no matter what path they take, explore their own place in the world, their values and responsibilities to others as well as to the health of the planet.

This 57-credit major is an excellent stepping stone to careers in business, government and such non-governmental organizations civil or relief organizations throughout the world. The BA is also an excellent complement to other studies as a double major.  Planning for a double major is easy but requires visiting with your advisors early on. If students select a double major path, they should have an advisor in both areas to help guide their scheduling. A double major is quite doable, and we encourage you to consider this an option as you map your career at BSU.  Please visit with any of our faculty if you have questions about this possibility.

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