Community Health, BS

A career in community health will take you to the front lines of promoting wellness and health in your community. As a community health professional, you may work in a broad range of fields and settings that are focused on educating individuals, families, groups and communities about healthful living and disease prevention.

Our Program

Your studies in our Community Health program will provide you with a broad academic foundation, while focusing on professional preparation through multiple experiences that include an observational practicum and an internship where you will have the opportunity to gain real-world experience in your field. We’ll work with you individually to help you define the direction you want to pursue and give you the tools to help you be successful.

Career Options

The BS in Community Health will prepare you for graduate study and for entry-level positions. You’ll have a wide range of occupational opportunities working with individuals, groups, organizations or governments educating in fields as varied as nutrition, the importance of exercise, HIV and STD prevention, substance abuse education, worksite wellness and preventive health. Community Health graduates may also be able to pursue additional training/education in various allied health professions, including family counseling and accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) programs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in community and public health education fields is expected to grow by 26%, which is a much faster rate than the average for other occupations.

Program Details

Program Requirements: Community Health

Student Learning Outcomes: Community Health

Contact Information

Dr. Jim White,  Chair
Department of Human Performance, Sport, & Health
Phone: (218) 755-2766
Location: PE 223