Online Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) minor/teacher licensure

Bemidji State University is proud to offer an online licensure program in Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) as an option for current Bemidji State University PE majors, and for Minnesota licensed PE teachers looking to add a Minnesota DAPE license.

DAPE as a minor (current PE majors) DAPE as a license add-on (current licensed PE teachers**)
For students currently in a physical education major program, the DAPE minor offers physical education teacher license majors a certification many school districts currently require or highly recommend for employment. Designed for current Minnesota licensed physical education teachers, this program leads to certification to instruct students with special needs in ways that meet their individual educational program goals in the physical education/movement setting.  See below for more information

Program Information

Our cohort model program brings you together with other DAPE learners, creating PE-focused discussions that are directly relevant to your training or your advancing career. Students will work directly with highly experienced BSU faculty to ensure program readiness and completion.

Students are required to participate in two in-person meetings:

  1. A mandatory program kick-off meeting in December/January and
  2. A mid-program meeting the following August.

The DAPE content standards are met through successful completion of six courses (18 credits). In addition to these courses, candidates must meet content area reading standards, and pass the MTLE Special Education Core Skills test for a full five-year DAPE license. DAPE content standards are completed through the following course sequence, and a new cohort will be started in the spring term of each year:

Term Course
(undergrad or graduate)
Credits Other
Spring (1) SPED 3600 or 5600:  Study of the Learner with Special Needs 3 If you have not met the current Reading Standards required by Minnesota, you will also need to take ED 4737/5737 Content Area Reading (3 credits).  This course is offered Fall and Spring terms.
Summer (1) SPED 3650 or 5650: Collaborative Techniques for Special Education
SPED 3655 or 5655: Due Process in Special Education



Fall (1) PHED 4514 or 5514: DAPE Program Planning 3
Spring (2) PHED 4515 or 5515: DAPE Teaching Strategies 3
Summer (2) PHED 4516 or 5516: The DAPE Professional 3

Note: Courses may be offered only once per academic year.

PE teachers licensed prior to 2013 who have not met the content reading standard must also complete ED 4737/5737 Content Area Reading. Students who have completed an equivalent course at another university must provide an official transcript showing an approved course substitution.

Consult the Course Rotation Guide for scheduling of specific SPED and DAPE sections.

DAPE Minor

For Bemidji State undergraduate students currently majoring in physical education, the DAPE minor prepares you for ages 3-21 DAPE licensure in Minnesota.

Consult with your PE major advisor, then add the minor using the Student Personal Data form, and submit the form to the BSU Records office.

For Minn State Undergraduates

Please work with your adviser for transfer information and licensing through your university.

DAPE Licensure

Designed for current Minnesota licensed physical education teachers, this program leads to certification to instruct students with special needs in ways that meet their individual educational program goals in the physical education/movement setting.

You can complete the required courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. Please note: undergraduate credits will not be transferable to any future master’s degree program you may intend to complete.

For Out-of-State Licensed Physical Educators

Please work with your state licensing board for standards and criteria needed for your state.

How to Apply

To add this endorsement onto your existing K-12 physical education license, apply to BSU as a non-degree seeking student in the fall semester.

If you will be taking the courses at the graduate level, complete the BSU Graduate Application, and select the following options:

  • Select the Spring term (this program starts only in the spring term).
  • Select “Graduate Certificate Student” for your educational intent, and the “part time” option.
  • Click the Add Program button, and choose “Graduate Licensure – DAPE, GC.”
  • Submit official transcripts from external school(s) to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Submit a letter of intent to the School of Graduate Studies, as part of your application.

After you submit your application, BSU Graduate Studies staff will contact you about your next steps.

Students working towards an initial K-12 Physical Education license may apply for acceptance into the Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) program after completing ED 5100, ED 5110, ED 5350, ED 5140 and ED 5780 as well as significant experience in PhyEd methods courses (focusing on content and pedagogy in dance and rhythm, elementary physical education, team and individual sports and fitness activities).

Admission to the DAPE program will be made by the Department of Human Performance, Sport & Health.


Coordinator for DAPE Program:

Sherry Holloway
Coordinator for DAPE Program
Location: Physical Education Complex 208
Phone: (218) 755-2223
Box #: 29

HPSH Department Chair:

Dr. Jim White
HPSH Department Chair

Location: Physical Education Complex 223
Phone: (218) 755-2766
Box #: 29


*Note that courses taken at the undergraduate level are not eligible for use in future graduate programs. Also, if you anticipate needing financial aid, your situation may prevent coverage for undergraduate courses. For most students, federal financial aid is not available for this part-time graduate program.