Physical Education, BS

The Physical Education Teacher Licensure major will prepare you for a career teaching physical education in K-12 schools.

You learn to teach physical education through a holistic approach with a focus on the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains of student learning. You learn how to promote participation in lifetime physical activity with a focus on the goal to develop physically literate individuals.

Our program

The Physical Education Teacher Licensure Program is an integrated program between the Department of Human Performance, Sport and Health and the Department of Professional Education. The program is designed to meet the teaching licensure requirements of the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) and is guided by the National Physical Education Standards.

Hands-on learning is at the core of your educational experience. You learn from professionals in the field and experience teaching in real-world situations. The five methods courses focus on content and pedagogy in dance and rhythm, elementary physical education, team sports, individual sports and fitness activities. You engage in multiple field experiences that include observation, tutoring and teaching. Program completion requirements include 15 weeks of student teaching. Our program provides you with a diversity of experiences and the chance to develop a varied skill set that will increase your career options.

*Pursuing a dual license in both Physical Education and Health Education will allow you a wide range of teaching options and maximize your employment potential.

Multiple Teacher Licensures

Our program provides the opportunities to gain a diverse and varied set of skills, experiences and credentials. You may choose to pursue teacher licensure majors in Health Education and Physical Education to open the door to more teaching options. We also offer a certificate program in coaching. Working together with your faculty advisor, you will plan your academic career to ensure that you have the background and experiences that best fit your career goals.

Career Options

The BS in Physical Education will lead to Minnesota teaching certification and prepare you for:

  • Teaching physical education in K-12 school systems
  • Coaching in the K-12 school systems (See Coaching Certificate)
  • Entry into physical education graduate degree programs

Program Details

 Program Requirements: Physical Education

Licensure Requirements

More information about teacher licensure standards and exam requirements can be found on BSU’s Professional Education website:

Contact Information

Dr. Shannon Norman
Department of Human Performance, Sport & Health
Phone: (218) 755-4099
Location: PE 204