Faculty & Staff

Dr. Jim White
Chair - Interim Dean of the College of Individual and Co
Office: S 319Box #27
(218) 755-3868
Email: jim.white@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Eric Forsyth

Dr. Amber Fryklund
Assistant Professor of Human Performance, Sport & Health
Office: PE 214Box #29
(218) 755-2771
Email: amber.fryklund@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Christel Kippenhan
Office: PE 219Box #29
(218) 755-2076
Email: christel.kippenhan@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Shannon Norman
Associate Professor
Office: PE 204Box #29
(218) 755-4099
Email: shannon.norman@bemidjistate.edu
Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Benjamin Baird
Assistant Track & Field Coach
Office: PE 242Box #29
(218) 755-2941
Email: benjamin.baird@bemidjistate.edu
Tom Burlingame
Adjunct Faculty
Email: tom.burlingame@bemidjistate.edu
Daniel Carlson
Adjunct Faculty
Office: Physical Education Complex
Email: daniel.carlson@bemidjistate.edu
Ms. Sherry Holloway
State University Faculty
Office: PE 208Box #29
(218) 755-2223
Email: sherry.holloway@bemidjistate.edu
Suzy Langhout
Adjunct Faculty
Office: PE 215Box #29
(218) 755-2964
Email: suzy.langhout@bemidjistate.edu
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