Our facilities include the Gillett Wellness Center, biomechanics lab and performance lab.

Gillett Wellness Center

  • Four activity courts adaptable for basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton
  • 200-meter indoor six-lane track
  • Dance studio
  • Machine weight room with FreeMotion, Strive and Cybex equipment
  • Free weight room with Magnum, Cybex and FreeMotion benches
  • Five racquetball/handball courts
  • Six-lane, 25-yard long indoor pool with two diving boards and a depth ranging from 3.5 to 12 feet
  • 30-foot rock climbing wall for six belayed climbers
  • Three-court basketball or volleyball gymnasium
  • Outdoor softball field and soccer pitch

More about Gillett Recreation-Fitness Center facilities.

Biomechanics Lab

biometric lab image of movementThe Biomechanics Lab is equipped with a Peak Motus Motion Analysis System and a Simi Motion Analysis System, which can be operated with up to four normal or high-speed digital cameras.

The lab has four additional computers running selected exercise science-related software. The lab is equipped as a smart classroom with a state-of-the-art projection system, including a document camera, DVD/VCR unit and speaker system. For teaching purposes, the lab also includes such equipment as a reaction board, turntables and bicycle wheel gyroscope.

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab has equipment used to assess performance measures such as flexibility, strength, speed, aerobic capacity and body composition.

Its primary purpose is to help Bemidji State University students gain hands-on, real-world experience while applying information learned in the classroom. In addition, the lab provides demonstrations to local high schools and provides various services to BSU employees.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Assessment Equipment

  • Jaeger Oxycon Mobile metabolic cart (VO2 max measurement)
  • Monark bicycle ergometers
  • Polar heart rate monitors
  • Treadmills
  • Glucometer/blood glucose Monitoring
  • Pulse oximeter

Performance Assessment Equipment

  • Functional movement screen (FMS) unit
  • Handgrip dynamometer
  • Lange skinfold calipers
  • Goniometers
  • Sit-and-reach units
  • Detecto medical balance beam scale
  • Aerobic step units
  • Vertec — vertical jump testing
  • Sphygmomanometer and stethoscopes (blood-pressure monitoring)
  • Actigraph accelerometers
  • Pedometers
  • Spirometers (measuring lung function)

Exercise Prescription and Training Equipment

  • Therapy/Swiss balls
  • Plyometric boxes
  • Aluminum Olympic lift training bar and plates
  • Obesity/pregnancy empathy vest
  • Thera-bands
  • Exercise training and therapy software
  • Access to track, weight room, gym space and cardiovascular equipment in BSU recreation center