What You Can Do with a Degree in Humanities

Graduates from the humanities program often work in teaching positions or museum positions.

Common Career Options for History Graduates

Students often ask, “So what can I do with a history major?” This is an important, practical question. Unlike professional degrees, such as nursing, pharmacy or accounting, there is no single career track that all history majors take after graduating. Instead, a history major’s skillset can be directed at a variety of professions, so your career options can be more flexible.

BSU history majors have entered careers in high school or collegiate teaching, law, government, business, religious ministry, library science, book editing and museum work. Historians make good legislators, journalists, business leaders and authors. A history major pairs well with social studies education, business, pre-law, English, philosophy, political science and other degree programs.

Career Median Salary Outlook
Archivists, Curators and Museum Workers $52,140 19%
Editors $63,400 5%
History Teacher $62,870 8%
Historians $63,100 5%
Journalist $49,300 6%
Lawyers $126,930 9%
Librarian $60,820 9%
Market Research Analyst $65,810 22%
Writers and Authors $67,120 9%

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Philosophy Graduates

Common careers for philosophy majors include:

Career Median Salary Outlook
Lawyers $126,930 9%
Philosophy Teacher $62,870 8%

Humanities Graduates

Common careers for humanities include:

Career Median Salary Outlook
Advertising Manager $141,490 10%
Editor $63,400 5%
Historians $63,100 5%
Human Resources Manager $121,220 9%
Journalist $49,300 6%
Public Relations Specialist $62,810 11%