Philosophy, history, activism, culture, religion — all of these make up the “humanities.” We examine the relationship of people to people and people to their world.

Majoring or minoring in Humanities creates a foundation for service and professionalism. Students can expect intensive work in multiple dimensions of culture, with a special emphasis on the skills needed for leadership and research.

  • See History: Each of our programs puts the past in touch with the present. Students who see the past at work in the problems of today will see them more clearly.
  • Think On Your Feet: The humanities emphasize a student’s ability to put problems in context and see them from multiple perspectives. Tools like Reacting to the Past push our students to articulate nuanced problems in professional and civic ethics.
  • Put It Together: Professional and civic life places new demands on BSU graduates. Courses in history, politics and art prepare our students to put technical knowledge in touch with knowledge of a variety of cultures and ways of life.

Speak with an advisor about a degree in humanities, especially if you are considering a future in: law, religion, public policy, human rights, non-profit work, the arts or graduate school in the social sciences or humanities.

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