Mission Statement

History is the human story, encompassing the diversity, interconnectivity, and complexity of the human experience across time.  Historians interpret why humans have made the choices they did and continue to do, investigate the causation and relevance of past events, and aim to empathize with the wide-ranging views of past and present peoples.  and assess information about the past from a wide variety of sources and ground their analyses in careful reasoning and reliable evidence. Historians understand that their own interpretations are also filtered through their own and cultural perspectives.  As a result, history is necessarily a dialogue among varied interpretations.

Therefore, the mission of the History Program at Bemidji State University is to cultivate critical thinking, research, and communication skills that will empower students, both to find their place in the world and connect with others.  The faculty will guide the students to the discovery that they are both the subjects and practitioners of History, as well as the insight that History is both personally and professionally valuable to all students because it is more than a discipline.  Both the faculty and students will strive to form a learning community that values and pursues diverse perspectives, nurtures historical thinking by inspiring its members to consider the past’s impact on the contemporary world and their own lives, and fosters creativity, empathy, and self-awareness through dialogue.