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Humanities Major

The Humanities Program at Bemidji State is dedicated to a collaboration. Within a flexible structure, it brings together courses from all the allied disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary courses of its own. Its objectives are threefold: 1) to provide multiple frames of reference for analysis and interpretation; 2) to foster increased awareness of the unique character of each of the humanities disciplines, together with an understanding of interrelationships among visual art, music, language, literature, and history; 3) to promote, through the cultivation of curiosity and multi-cultural sensibilities, the breadth of learning necessary for successful careers in government, business, or the professions.

Note: The Humanities Program is designed as a "stand-beside" major, and students are encouraged to pursue a second major or set of minors, especially those outside the humanities disciplines. Such range improves a student's professional preparedness and broadens post-baccalaureate options.