The following programs have Indigenous Studies areas of emphasis

Degree/Major Emphasis
Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science Tribal Justice
Business Administration, Bachelor of Science Indigenous Nations Marketing Emphasis
Indigenous Sustainability Studies, Bachelor of Science or Minor *The Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin program is a new bachelor program
Nursing – RN to Baccalaureate or 4-year Track *The Niganawenimaanaanig program is a program to support American Indian and Indigenous pre-nursing and nursing students
Criminal Justice – Tribal Justice Emphasis

The Tribal Justice emphasis is a collaborative effort with the Indigenous Studies program designed to explore justice practices and principles specific to the unique cultural, political, and historical background of American Indians.

Business/Marketing – Indigenous Nations Marketing Emphasis

Companies are seeking effective and innovative ways to build brand awareness and improve their image. You can gain an advantage with knowledge of Indigenous Nations people, as both marketers and consumers. In the Indigenous Nations Marketing program, you will become versed in both indigenous nations and business marketing topics to help meet the marketing needs of organizations that serve both native and non-native populations. This program benefits all students who hope to lead, work with or work for organizations within indigenous nations and beyond.

Environmental Studies – Indigenous Sustainability Studies Program

Bemidji State University’s Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin (NEE-zhoo gwy-ah-ko-chee-GAY-win) – an Ojibwe phrase which translates to “two ways of making things right” – program aims to expand the understanding of sustainability. This project aims to have students appreciate and use both scientific and indigenous knowledge perspectives to help bring about long-term, sustainable changes in the world.

Nursing – Niganawenimaanaanig “we take care of them” program

The Bemidji State University Department of Nursing has a program to support American Indian and Indigenous pre-nursing and nursing students. Niganawenimaanaanig, an Ojibwe word meaning “we take care of them,” is funded by HRSA Nursing Workforce Diversity grant which serves to increase the number of minority nurses in order to increase health equality and improve patient outcomes.