What can you do with a Mass Communication, Marketing Communication or Environmental Communication?

Fields BSU Grads Work in

Our graduates are working in these fields:

Public Relations Videography Journalism
Event Planning Marketing Social Media
Media Relations Photography Broadcasting

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MichelleMichelle Witkin  

Marketing & Videography

Marketing Specialist, NLFX Professional

Mass Communication ’19


Multimedia Reporter, The Bemidji Pioneer

Mass Communication ’21

Marketing Communication ’21

Shelby  Shelby

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Texas Stars Hockey Club

Mass Communication ’19

Joey  Joey

Account Executive

Minnesota Wild

Mass Communication ’18

Karina  Karina

Account Manager

Pinnacle Marketing Group

Marketing Communication ’19

Dan  dan


Sporting Journal Radio

Marketing Communication ’21


Public Relations and Event Planner

Great Waters Financial

Marketing Communication ’18

Common Careers for Integrated Media Graduates Include

Career Median Salary Job Outlook from 2019-2029
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $141,490 +10%  Job Growth 
Advertising Sales Agents $54,940 +3% Job Growth 
Announcers $41,950 +15% Job Growth 
Broadcast, Sound and Video Technicians $50,000 +21% Job Growth 
Editors $63,400 +5% Job Growth 
Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators $61,900 +29% Job Growth 
Human Resources Specialists $63,490 +10% Job Growth 
Marketing Research Analysts $65,810 +22% Job Growth
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners $51,560 +18% Job Growth 
Producers and Directors $76,400 +24% Job Growth
Public Relations Specialists $62,810 +11% Job Growth 
Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts $49,300 +6% Job Growth 
Sales Managers $132,290 +7% Job Growth
Technical Writers $74,650 +12% Job Growth 

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