To do an internship in the Integrated Media Department, please start by reading the Internship Guidelines handout below.

Your next step is to find an internship. This is the responsibility of the student, though you may ask your academic advisor or other professors in the department for help in how to go about this.

Once you have secured an internship, you will submit the following to the department chair: (on-campus students, drop forms off at Deputy 246; online students, email to

  1. Internship Application  (to be filled out by student)
  2. Internship Agreement  (to be filled out by internship supervisor)
  3. Resume
  4. Transcripts (these can be unofficial)

Please submit all items together as one packet, and make sure all forms are completely filled out and signed.

Once the internship is approved, the department chair will notify you via email. That email will also contain the dates your internship assignments will be due. These are assignments that will need to be completed while you are interning.

At the end of the internship, you will need to have your internship supervisor fill out the Internship Supervisor Evaluation form, and submit it to the department chair. The internship won’t be completed, and thus you can’t receive a grade, until we have received this form.

Below you will find the forms you need for an internship.

Internship Guidelines

Internship Application

Internship Agreement

Internship Assignments

Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form





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