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Graduation Plans

Student should submit their graduation plans one year before they plan to graduate. The purpose of graduation plans is to make sure you have completed all the requirements to graduate. If you submit graduation plans one year before you plan to graduate and there is a problem, such as a class isn’t being offered the semester you were planning to take it, you have a whole year to resolve that issue. If you wait to submit your plans when you have only one semester to graduate and there is a problem, you may not be able to resolve the problem in time to graduate when you were planning to.

Graduation Plans form:


Class Offerings by Semester

The class schedules below will help you to plan your class schedule for current and future semesters. They will also help you when filling out your graduation plans.

Integrated Media Department:

Business Department:


Class Planning Sheets


A semester-by-semester form students may download to help plan out their schedule.

Class Planning Sheet


Course Substitution Form

While the Integrated Media Department will approve course substitutions for classes that are no longer a part of the curriculum, the department does not approve course substitutions for required classes that are currently being offered. The exception to this would be an extenuating circumstance that was outside of the student’s control. In this case, a student would need to petition the department and receive a majority vote of the faculty for the course substitution to be approved. You would work with your academic advisor to start this process. If your academic advisor is not in the Integrated Media Department, you would work with the chair of the Integrated Media Department.

Course Substitution form:


Computer Recommendations

The Integrated Media Department uses the Adobe Create Suite software. We recommend your computer meet the minimum technical specifications as outlined by Adobe.

Adobe Recommendations:




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