Indigenous Studies

Since time immemorial, American Indians have occupied the Upper Great Lakes area, including what is now known as the State of Minnesota.

Tribes and Indian peoples currently residing on reservations and in rural and urban areas include Ojibwe, Dakota (Sioux), Menominee, Pottowatomie, Sac and Fox, Winnebago, Ottawa, Oneida, and members of other North American tribes.

The Indigenous Studies program is open to all students. It offers Ojibwe and other Indian students an academic area of study relevant to the diversity of their cultural heritage. It offers Indian and other students a better understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Indian history, language and culture.

The Indigenous Studies major is designed to provide a cultural, political and historical background for a companion major in a skills area (applied study major). The department also offers a minor.

The Department of Languages and Indigenous Studies also offers a minor in Ojibwe. Campus services available to Indian students include the American Indian Resource Center, the Council of Indian Students, Native Americans into Medicine, and an American Indian Science and Education Society chapter.