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Academic Programs

The Computer Science program at Bemidji State University offers two different majors, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Since both degrees require our introductory sequence of three courses, a student can freely change degrees during early stages of study.  Beginning in 2013 the newly revised Computer Science major is available.  The new major consists of a Computer Science core and seven elective courses at the upper level.  Students select from traditional, core Computer Science courses and courses that emphasize various aspects of software development.  In addition, students study mathematics, public speaking and a writing course that is beyond the general education requirements.  These requirements strengthen communication skills.  All students are encouraged to pursue a minor.  Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in computer science ought to minor in Mathematics.

The Computer Information Systems is intended for students with a strong interest in the study of Business and the application of computing to business processes.

In addition to our majors we offer a Computer Science minor. The Computer Science minor also has two different emphases. The Professional Emphasis parallels the Computer Science major and is intended for students majoring in any of the sciences or mathematics. The Web Emphasis has the possibility of including selected courses from other disciplines as part of the minor. It is smaller and fits well with numerous majors including Design Technology, Mass Communications, Business, Marketing, and English. Please contact Marty Wolf for further information.

The BSU Online Catalog has current course requirements for the Computer Science major, the Computer Information Systems major and the Computer Science minor. Our plan for offering courses is based on a 2 year rotation.