Computer Science Lab & Server

The Computer Science program maintains a state-of-the art lab and a Linux-based server.

The Computer Science Lab

Housed in Sattgast 371, the Computer Science Lab has a rich history that involves the work of many dedicated students through the years. In addition, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni have done much to continually improve the quality of the lab’s computing equipment, the work environment, and the lounge. Things changed substantially in 2019 with the demolition of Hagg-Sauer Hall and the relocation of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department to Sattgast Hall. For the first time, the space that holds the Computer Science Lab is now shared with other programs on campus.

About the CS Server

The CS Server is a Linux-based computer that supports Bemidji State student work in Computer Science courses numbered 1309 and higher. Each student in CS 1309 and higher is a given an account on the CS server. This account comes with a number of privileges. First, it allows students to log into and use the workstations in the Computer Science Lab. Students can store and access files on the server through these workstations regardless of whether they are running Linux or Windows. In addition, all files can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet using the appropriate software.

Other Helpful Information