Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We develop within students a foundation of technical, ethical, inter-personal, and professional abilities that will serve them for a lifetime.

Our Vision

Our faculty bring high-quality teaching to the program’s courses, creating majors and minors that combine the technical aspects of computer science with the humanity needed to contribute to the good of a computationally-driven society.

Our Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Problem solving

Students will demonstrate understanding of multiple problem solving techniques and how to apply them algorithmically.

Outcome 2: Core areas

Students will demonstrate knowledge of core areas and how to apply them towards solving problems in computer science and other disciplines.

Outcome 3: Communication

Students will communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences.

Outcome 4: Productive in teams

Students will work productively in teams.

Outcome 5: Broad knowledge of field

Students will demonstrate a broad knowledge of the field through the different electives offered.

Outcome 6: Professional and ethical

Students will develop a basis for making professional and ethical decisions that pertain to the software they are developing.

Outcome 7: Programming languages

Students will demonstrate proficiency in a programming language and ability to learn new ones on their own.