Course Directories/Folders

Student Account Directory (Folder) Information

For each CS course you are enrolled in that will be using the CS Server, you will find two directories (or folders). One of them is for you to turn in materials to your instructor for grading, and the other is for your instructor to make materials available to you. If you are enrolled in CS 1309, you will find a directory called cs1309-TurnIn and another called cs1309-Info.

The TurnIn directory is accessible only by you and your instructor. You can add files and remove files from that directory. Anytime you place a file in that directory with the same name as an existing file, the existing file will be removed and only the most recent version kept. Each new version is given the date and time of its arrival.

The Info directory is where your instructor will make files available to the entire class. You should look there when ever your instructor tells you he or she has made files available to you.

Important note to Windows users: You will need to use FileZilla or some other secure ftp product to transfer files from the Info directories and to the TurnIn directories.

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