Disk Space

CS Server Disk Space Information

You are allowed to use as much disk space as is needed for your coursework. Occasionally, we check to determine individual usage. If your usage seems high, you will be asked to clean things up or justify your disk usage. To see how much disk space you are using, type du -s . in a terminal window. It will report the number of 1K blocks you are using. To see how much each subdirectory is using type du -s *

You should do your part to keep your disk usage in check. If you are doing your development under Linux, you should be careful to eliminate core files and all .o files when you are done with a project. Many find it handy to include an appropriate entry in their Makefile to help with this task.

If you were in a CS course in a previous semester that had a turn-In folder or directory (either Windows or Linux), you may want to go into that folder and delete any files in it. Those files are charged against your disk usage. Once you have deleted the files in the folder, you can delete the folder itself. Be careful, though, removing the turnIn folder first will complicate removing the files in the folder. They will still exist and are still charged against your disk usage. Also, you should empty your Trash on the Linux side regularly. Those files are retained and charged against your disk usage.

If you have a project that is particularly large or a need for additional disk space, please contact Dr. Marty J. Wolf.