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Choose between one of two options for your Master of Science in Mathematics.

Both of our Master’s programs are taught by experienced and helpful faculty who will work one on one with you to determine a curriculum that best suits your educational and professional needs.

MS in Mathematics Elementary and Middle-Level Education

Geared toward experienced and licensed elementary and middle school math teachers, this program focuses on advanced instructional methodologies and subject area depth for grades K-8.

Applicants should hold a teaching license in elementary or middle-level math.

MS in Mathematics

Intended for middle and secondary school math teachers, this program focuses on advanced instructional methodologies and subject area depth for middle and high school education.

Applicants should have an undergraduate major or minor in mathematics.

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MS Papers



Awe, Will How Geometer’s Sketchpad Improves Student Learning
Anderson, Bryan Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI): What’s the Point? A Look into CGI and CGI’s Potential Role in an 8th Grade Mathematics Class
Benner, Jean Anxiety in the Math Classroom
Carter, Joan Implementation of Statway for Non-STEM Majors at Two-Year Community Colleges with Focus on the Teachers’ Experience
Cox, Ralph Are Developmental Math Courses Being Offered at the Appropriate Time of Day to Optimize Student Success?
Dahl, Laura The Impact of Manipulatives on Learning in the Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Classroom
Fairchild, Cadie How to Reach all Types of Learners Through the Use of Manipulatives in Grades Three, Four, and Five
Fairchild, Dan Common Misconceptions and Instructional Best Practices for Teaching Fractions to Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5
Geisler, Alexis Tracking in Middle School Mathematics
Hansen, Heidi  The Effects of the Use of Dynamic Geometry Software on Student Achievement and Interest
Kruger, Sherri  Differentiated Instruction in the High School Mathematics Classroom
Lightner, Larry The Effects of Block Scheduling on AP Calculus AB Student Achievement
MchLachlan, Jennifer Improving Student Achievement Through Feedback
Melby, Marcella The Critical Components of a School-College Partnership Formed to Reduce the Enrollment in Remedial Courses in Mathematics of Incoming Freshmen
Mix, Amanda The Impact of Math Anxiety in the Primary Grades
Morris, Carly Jeff Can the Differentiated Math Classroom be a Reality?
Mutnansky, Christina Manipulatives in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom Using a Traditional Algebra Text
Nohner, Matthew Year-Round Calendars at the High School Level
Prestegord, Heather Technology Use in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom
Richgels, Amber Rae Why are School Districts Abandoning the Core-Plus Mathematics Curriculum?
Regnier, Jane Cooperative Learning in the Mathematics Classroom
Salscheider, Lynnea Marie Inclusion: Problems and Potential Solutions in Mathematics Instruction
Seaver, Shannon Learning Style Relationship to Motivation and Success in the Flipped vs Non-Flipped Classroom
Seyfried, Nicole Effects of Tracking Students in a Secondary Mathematics Classroom
Smieja, Adam Mathematics Classrooms at the Middle School Level: Does Grouping Make a Difference in Achievement?
Smieja, Katie Ann Garrity How IPads can be Used in the Math Classroom to Improve Student Learning
Sorensen, Amy Katherine Student Centered Mathematics in an Isolated Skill Environment-Constructivist Methods in Mathematics
Stuewe, Jessica M. Professional Learning Community Impacts on Student Achievement in Middle School Mathematics
Strom, Jessica Manipulatives in Mathematics Instruction
Vettleson, Lawrence Jr. Problem Solving Based Instruction in the High School Mathematics Classroom
Westberg, Amie P. The Impact and Effectiveness of Student-Centered Classroom Structure
Wilke, Maureen K. To What Degree will Differentiated Instruction Impact Student Grades in a Middle School Classroom?
Wurdock, Timothy Michael A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and U.S. Teaching Styles of Mathematics
Murphy, Alison Cooperative Learning in the Mathematics Classroom
Shanahan, Lindsi

The Effects of Differentiated Guided Mathematics Learning Groups on Academic Achievement In Early Elementary


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