Developers as Decision Makers

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Evaluated December 2021

This module has students learn and practice if statements in a lab setting. It introduces the ways that bias is first incorporated into computer programs. The module is a 2-hour lab suitable for a Computer Science I course. Integration into a standard CS I course should take minimal preparation and very little time from other material in a CS I course (and possibly a human-computer interaction course).

It directly covers material in Software Development Fundamentals/Algorithms and Design, Software Development Fundamentals/Fundamental Programming Concepts.

This module is to be used as an isolated assignment. It provides examples and background information on justice related topics. The background readings complement the assignments well. This is a good assignment for an instructor just beginning to dabble in conducting classroom discussions surrounding responsible computing. It incorporates social justice issues around housing insecurity in a thoughtful and self-reflective human centered design process. This module highlights programmers as responsible CS participants and the role they play in ensuring fairness and inclusivity through technology integration.

This module is ready for use by all students. The module situates a global issue in a way that relates to students’ experiences with housing on their campus. There is good guidance and instruction for students. There is also a very detailed TA/Instructor resource complete with links to code, there is grading guidance but no formal rubric.

The evaluation of this module was led by Jaye Nias and Marty J. Wolf as part of the Mozilla Foundation Responsible Computer Science Challenge. Patrick Anderson, Emanuelle Burton, Judy Goldsmith, Colleen Greer, Darakhshan Mir, and Evan Peck also made contributions. These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.