Bel Canto

Interested in singing in Bel Canto?

Register for MUS 3800 Varsity Singers with Dr. James Bowyer! Bel Canto is a self-selected ensemble (no audition is necessary).
2017-2018 Damenstimmen Women's Chorus
2017-2018 Bel Canto

Bel Canto is the Bemidji State soprano and alto choir directed by Dr. James Bowyer.

It is open to all students of all majors across campus, and no prior singing experience is necessary. If you are interested in joining, enroll in MUS 3800 Varsity Singers, as our name change is currently in process! Please contact Dr. James Bowyer at for more information.

Interested in auditioning for other choral or instrumental ensembles? Visit our Ensemble page for more information!

Members of Damenstimmen in performance
Members of Bel Canto in performance

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