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Mission & Vision

The primary mission of the Music Department at Bemidji State University is to prepare students for professional careers in music. Accordingly, all students who wish to major in music must complete an audition (please contact the Music Department for details). The faculty recognizes the need for excellence within a broad liberal education, so the department places equal emphasis on music education, performance, and theoretical/historical study in its degree offerings. The department, an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, also maintains a cultural leadership and development role locally and regionally, while striving to achieve a national and international reputation.

The specific objectives of the Music Department are:

1.  to provide students interested in teaching careers with the professional knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field;

2.  to train students to become critical, independent, creative musicians with the necessary background in applied music (private instruction in voice/instrument), music theory, music history and literature, keyboard skills, sight-reading, and music technology; and to become full participants in music professions;

3.  to provide all students of the university with opportunities to enrich themselves through participation in Music Department ensembles, academic courses, and applied lessons, and through attendance at concerts, recitals, and lectures;

4.  to develop the creative potential of the region through workshops, performances, and a summer music camp.

Through the Department of Music, Bemidji State University offers Music majors in both Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs. Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in Music Education in both Instrumental/Classroom K-12 and Vocal/Classroom K-12 specializations.  Both lead to Teacher Licensure.  Bachelor of Arts degrees are offered in General Music, Instrumental Performance, Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and Vocal Performance Emphases.  Students may also earn a Music Minor in conjunction with Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees from other disciplines offered at Bemidji State University.  The full-time faculty of the Department of Music, as well as its part-time specialists, are committed to the intellectual, musical, and social growth of all student musicians who attend Bemidji State University.