Sustainability Studies Internships

The Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin program offers Indigenous sustainability studies students the opportunity to complete internships during the summer. We also occasionally have internship offerings during the academic year.

Summer (and Academic Year) Undergraduate Internships

Goal: To provide undergraduate students with hands-on learning opportunities that help support community projects.

Eligibility: Any student enrolled at Bemidji State University, Leech Lake Tribal College, Red Lake Nation College, White Earth Tribal and Community College, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College or Itasca Community College.

At least six undergraduate students will be selected to participate in hands-on learning internships each summer. Each student will be paired with a mentor who has a background in an aspect of local Indigenous Knowledge, works with an Indigenous community or is an Indigenous-led organization. We will provide a list of potential mentors and students are also encouraged to find a mentor.

Each student will have a budget of $3000 to pay for time, travel and other costs. A work plan will be developed between the intern and mentor that best suits the relationship. Days and times for the internships are very flexible. Ideas for internships might include (but are not limited to) water quality efforts by the Leech Lake Division of Resource Management or food sovereignty efforts coordinated by White Earth Land Recovery Project, among others.

Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin, Internship Application

Bemidji State University’s Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin (Nee-zhoo gwy-ah-ko-chi-gay-win) program aims to deepen the understanding of sustainability. This project aims to have two-leggeds (humans) respect and understand both Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge perspectives to help build just and thriving communities.

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