Faith Ahlgreen – Niijii Radio

Name: Faith Ahlgreen

Organization: Niijii Radio


Phone: 218/375-2012

Address: 607 main ave  Callaway mn 56521

  1. How do you help your community? We Broadcast live events in the community, Host community events with music art and culture to bring the community together and our programming brings news, local events language and culture to our listeners.
  1. How do you hope an intern will contribute through the Niizhoo-gwakochigewin program to helping your community? Learn skills to create cultural programing and contribute to community events with the station.
  1. How will you contribute to the education of your intern? We can teach them broadcasting / communication skills, interview skills and culture.
  1. List some responsibilities that an intern might do/projects they might work on. Recording , editing, interviewing, going on the air live and research for programing.
  1. Is there anything an intern should know before working with you? (transportation needs, heavy lifting, allergies, specific technical background (ex. GIS), etc.) We  are  non-profit community radio station that serves the White Earth reservation and surrounding communities. Interest in communication and or music. Possibly some travel.