Joshua Jones – Red Lake Department of Natural Resources

Name: Joshua Jones

Organization: Red Lake Department of Natural Resources


Phone: 218-368-2528

Address: High School Drive Red Lake, MN 56671

1. How do you help your community?

Primarily my job entails monitoring the water resources for the Red Lake Nation. Measuring water quality and quantity are vital to the health of the ecosystem as well as the future of the Red Lake people. Over the past couple of years, I have also actively been involved with the mentorship program for our department. Doing so has allowed me to directly work with High School and Tribal College students and help them gain experience in the natural resources field.

2. How do you hope an intern will contribute through the Niizhoo-gwakochigewin program to helping your community?

My hope in giving an intern experience working within our programs at the Department of Natural Resources is they would gain valuable experience that may help guide their future career decisions. If they were to choose a career in natural resources there is an opportunity for them to work within their communities and protect their resources for the future generations.

3. How will you contribute to the education of your intern?

I can offer hands-on experience in data collection in monitoring water resources. This entails collecting river and stream flows along with water samples, as well as small lake water sampling. If it can be coordinated I can also give an intern experience working with the Fisheries, Forestry, Wildlife, and Environmental programs at the DNR.

4. List some responsibilities that an intern might do/projects they might work on.

We have several research opportunities within the Water Resources program that would be available for an intern to pursue. Depending on their current major we could develop a research project that would benefit their education path.

5. Is there anything an intern should know before working with you? (transportation needs, heavy lifting, allergies, specific technical background (ex. GIS), etc.)

Our fieldwork entails being outside for most of the work day. Some heavy lifting is involved and the ability to operate a canoe is necessary. An intern would also need to have transportation to and from the DNR office on Red Lake.