4-Year Track Application Instructions

DEADLINE: September 15

Please read these instructions carefully. An application is considered complete only when all of the following elements are submitted.

Online Application

Complete the online application carefully, filling in all areas and uploading all required documents:

Transcripts from Post-Secondary Education

Official transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions attended will be obtained from the BSU Records Office as needed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary, official transcripts are available in the Records Office by September 15.

Degree Audit Report (DAR)

Applicants must upload their DAR as part of the application form. The best method is to print the DAR and scan it as a single PDF document. Applicants taking prerequisite courses during the summer should wait to apply until those courses are graded and appearing on the DAR. All prerequisites should be listed under IIIA of the Nursing Major section in the DAR; if a course is not there, it means a transfer equivalency has not been completed. Prerequisite courses transferred from another school must be formally approved by the nursing department as equivalent before the nursing application is submitted.

Evidence of Nursing Assistant Course (or LPN Licensure)

Applicants must submit proof of successful completion of a Nursing Assistant course or a valid LPN license as part of the application. A transcript is preferred, except when the course is not associated with an educational organization. Taking the CNA certification test is not required, nor does the certificate alone qualify as proof of course completion.

Current CPR Certification

Applicants must take the BLS for Healthcare Providers (HeartCode BLS) course from the American Heart Association and upload a copy of both sides of the CPR card as part of the application. Contact the American Heart Association for course information. Be very careful to choose the correct course–the AHA Heartsaver course does NOT qualify, nor do most online providers or the Red Cross. Student must maintain current CPR certification status for the duration of enrollment in the nursing program.


Two completed, confidential Reference Request Forms are required from individuals who can speak directly to the applicant’s personal characteristics. After completing the “Waiver of Right to Review Statement” on each form, send to each individual who will serve as a reference (must be a non-family member). Completed reference forms must each be placed in a sealed envelope, signed by the reference with signature across the seal, and either mailed by the reference or submitted by the applicant to the Department of Nursing. In either case, references must be received before the Sept. 15 deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with references-–the department will not send reminders and is not responsible for late/incomplete references.

Standardized Entrance Exam

The Department of Nursing will arrange for the ATI TEAS Admission Assessment Exam to be administered to the applicant pool shortly after the September 15 application deadline. The exam will take place on the BSU campus at no cost to the applicant. Areas included in the test are Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Anatomy and Physiology.

Personal Interview

Mandatory interviews with nursing faculty will be arranged after the September 15 application deadline.

Personal Essay

Applicants will be given a writing assignment, on a topic that the department has chosen, during the NRSG 2000 class. Applicants not currently enrolled in the class will be notified by email.

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