Bemidji State University’s Department of Nursing is proud to support a state-of-the-art Clinical Resource Center and coordinating clinical practice suites.

The center is on the second floor of Bensen Hall and provides the core laboratory experiences for the four-year track nursing students. Our simulation lab presents scenarios for students to work through that closely resemble clinical experiences. Students debrief in the adjacent seminar room to help develop the critical-thinking skills they will ultimately need to practice skillful professional nursing.

The Clinical Resource Center includes basic simulation lab materials, high-fidelity SimMan3G manikins, medication dispensing systems and multi-patient availability. Testing rooms with video recording equipment provide the space and technology for students to demonstrate their newly-acquired nursing skills and allow faculty to provide timely feedback.

Clinical Labs and Classrooms

The center features seven hospital care suites, five clinic suites, four testing rooms, a maternity suite and a home care suite. Each suite features state-of-the-art equipment and simulation aids to represent each specialty practice area.

Maternity Suite

The maternity suite offers students the experience of working with pre-, post-, and intrapartum moms and their infants. The suite resembles a hospital room, providing a realistic environment along with the opportunity for critical care situations. Students may experience working with the patient alone as well as having family members involved in care or having an infant present in the room with mom.

The maternity suite is home to SimMom, a birthing simulator, along with SimNewB to simulate couplet care. Both normal and high-risk pregnancy and infant management are included in students’ learning experiences. Students have the chance to assess preemies, full-term and 20-week-old infants.

Dr. Jeanine and Mr. Ron Gangeness Home Care Suite

In hospitals today, patients are being admitted more acutely ill than at any point in history and are being discharged sooner to their homes to recover, requiring the expertise of home care nurses to support their recovery process. The Dr. Jeanine and Mr. Ron Gangeness Home Care suite simulates a client’s home environment, similar to the settings in which public health nurses and home care nurses provide nursing care.