Four-Year Track

The four-year baccalaureate nursing track is designed to serve traditional, on-campus undergraduate students.

The major involves four academic years and includes courses in other disciplines as well as nursing. Interested students normally apply for the four-year track at the beginning of their sophomore year and start the program during the spring semester.

Program Details

The four-year track is student-centered and focuses on mentoring students from novice learner to clinical professional. Faculty work with each student individually to:

  • Map an educational path
  • Identify areas of interest for specialization and further education
  • Review career options

Interested students should be aware that once accepted to the major, they will be required to have a laptop and smartphone, as well as other supplies. The department provides accepted students with a list of items to acquire and steps to take for clinical eligibility, which must be accomplished before admittance to the program.

Program Specifications
Applying to the Program

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