The mission of the physics program is to provide students the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the key concepts of physics, strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and successfully apply their physics skills and knowledge in a laboratory setting.

Science Education Major with Physics Specialty

Our program covers topics such as mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and modern physics, as well as pedagogical methods for teaching science. Graduates of the program are prepared to become physics teachers at the high school level, science communicators or researchers in the field of science education. With a focus on both content knowledge and teaching skills, a science education with a physics specialty program prepares students to inspire future generations of scientists and critical thinkers.

For more information about the science education major, visit the Office of Teacher Education.

Physics Minor

The physics minor program is designed for students who wish to complement their major studies with a solid foundation in physics. In this program, students take courses in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and modern physics, among others. With a physics minor, students can pursue careers in fields such as engineering, research and teaching. The program can also prepare students for graduate studies in physics or related fields. Overall, a physics minor program can add a valuable dimension to a student’s undergraduate education.

For more information about physics minor course requirements, visit the course catalog.

Physics Faculty

Ryan Sayer
Associate Professor
Sattgast Hall 215 A
Phone: (218) 755-2781
Box #: 27