Political Science

Are you interested in politics — local, national or international? Ever wondered how our system of government differs from others? Want to know more about critical issues such as civil rights, trade, war and peace?

Join our dynamic, student-centered department where professors provide personalized mentorship to majors; where students have multiple opportunities to apply their learning through local and national internships; where study abroad is encouraged; and where independent research is supported and often leads to graduates pursuing advanced degrees in such fields as law, public policy and public administration.

Our programs include Political Science (major and minor), a Certificate in Public and Non-Profit Administration, Applied Public Policy, Social Studies, International Relations, a 3+3 partnership with Mitchell-Hamline School of Law and a general pre-law program. Courses span the four major focus areas of the discipline: International Politics, American Politics, Comparative Politics and Political Theory.

Students of political science gain an understanding of the political nature of the contemporary world, from simple acts such as choosing products as consumers to the complexity of global politics in the Information Age. As governments and the private sectors of society become more intermingled, political scientists become more valued for their understanding of how both systems work, as well as for their reasoning and analytical skills.

Our two more applied programs, the Certificate in Public and Non-Profit Administration and the Applied Public Policy minor give students the skills they need to be effective leaders and advocates in the public and policy sectors.

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