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Political Science 1300
~ Fall
Introduction to International Relations

Notes from class:

Population and Territory %
The European Union
History of the International System
International Political Economy
Nationalism and Internationalism
Realism vs. Idealism: A Closer Look
The United Nations
Conflict #1: Inter-State Warfare
Conflict #2 Civil Wars

Political Science 1400 ~ Fall
Introduction to Comparative Politics

Notes from class:

China #1
China #2
China #3
The European Union
Indonesia: Introduction and Background
Indonesia: 1965-
Russia #1
Russia #2
UK: Introduction
UK: Culture and Political Socialization

Political Science 3160 ~ Fall
Comparative European Politics

The European Union
France : Introduction and Economy
France: Political Culture and Political Socialization
French Political Institutions
Germany: Introduction, Political Culture & Socialization
Germany: Political Culture and Political Socialization
Germany: Federalism, Legislature and Executive
Britain: Introduction
Britain: Political Culture and Political Socialization
British Constitutional Practice

Political Science 3150 ~ Spring
Canadian Politics


Political Science 3160 ~ Spring
American Foreign Policy


Honors 2107
Media, money, and manipulation in American politics

UNIV 1930
First Year Experience


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