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Coordinator for:
Political Science
Social Studies
Applied Public Policy

Understanding Politics 1100
An introduction to the basic ideologies, concepts, processes and institutions of modern government and politics.

Introduction to American Politics 1200 ~
An introductory survey to the institutions and actors, such as the media, interest groups, political parties, congress and presidency of contemporary American government and politics.

People and the Environment: Political Science Perspective 2925 ~
An introduction to political processes and institutions involved in making environmental policy.

State and Local Politics 3200 ~
Explores critical issues at the sub-national level and the role and function of state and local governments in the context of American federalism.

Public Administration 3210 ~
An introduction to the field of public administration. Emphasis is on the political dimensions of management in the public sector.

Environmental Politics 3230 ~
Surveys the dynamics of the policy process that produce our environmental policies. An analysis of actors, institutions, and organizations that shape U.S. environmental law and policy.

Legislative and Executive Relations 3410 ~
Explores the legislative process by analyzing the motives and evolving legislative styles of legislators in relation to the evolution and powers of the modern presidency and executive establishment.

Campaigns and Elections 3420 ~
Includes analysis of the congressional and presidential electoral process, including the role of political parties, interest groups, and the media.

Political Inquiry 4100 ~
Students will learn the theory and practice of quantitative political analysis through the completion of original research projects.




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