Students applying to Professional Education programs must meet the following admission criteria:

    1. Cumulative GPA 3.00
      Students must earn a C or above in all major coursework. Additionally, students must maintain a 3.00 Cumulative GPA to remain in the program.
    2. Complete 30 Semester Credits (AA degree for DLiTE students)
      The Department of Professional Education recommends completion of all/most Liberal Education courses prior to starting Professional Education coursework.
      Upload a copy of your BSU Transcript. If you are a transfer student, upload a copy of your most recent external transcript.
    3. Evidence of meeting the BASIC SKILLS TESTING REQUIREMENT
    4. Professional Recommendation:
      a. This can be fulfilled with a professional recommendation from an individual who can speak to the applicant’s interaction with children or who can speak to their experience in education, training, mentoring etc. OR
      b. Documentation of completion of a course that introduces the applicant to the teaching profession and includes time in a K-12 classroom.
      ED 3100 Intro to Education meets this requirement.
    5. 500 word essay titled “Why Teach?” in APA format with the proper citation of at least one source. Tell us why you want to be a teacher and what experiences you’ve had that have led you to this decision.
      You do not need to include a cover page or an abstract.
    6. Complete the ONLINE Application for Admission to Professional Education with all required attachments.
      Do not submit a partial application. Applications are reviewed after the “Priority Deadlines” listed below and then approximately every 2 weeks after. Students will be notified by email of their acceptance status.

Applications may be submitted at any time.

However, priority deadlines are as follows:
Fall Admission – February 15th 
Spring Admission – October 1st

Students must be accepted to BSU prior to applying for a Professional Education program: Apply to BSU here

Students will not be allowed to register for Education (ED) courses beyond ED 3100 and ED 3110 unless they have been formally admitted to the Professional Education program.

Note: Field experiences and student teaching require school district criminal background checks. If you think you may have an issue you may want to initiate a background check yourself before you seek admission. Applicants with any prior conviction(s) may be unable to complete a program of study in Education. Your disposition for the role of professional educator will be assessed throughout the program. This includes things such as attendance, reliability, and communication skills.

BSU may consider a transfer of courses from other institutions if a syllabus is provided and the course is found to meet 100% of the required state standards assigned to the BSU course being substituted. If field experience is a requirement of the BSU course, the external course must contain equivalent field experience and documentation must be provided for the review.

Contact Undergraduate Admissions to apply to Bemidji State University or to arrange a visit to campus.

Each term the Professional Education Department will admit the top 64 students into the campus-based program based on the above criteria.

Contact the Advising Coordinator if you have additional questions: Aspen Easterling


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