How to Apply for Your License


Step 1: Download the appropriate application (based on your qualifications) from the PELSB website. Remember, if you have not passed all of the required MTLE Pedagogy and Content exams you must have a job offer from a school district who will apply jointly with you for a Tier 2 license. If you have passed all required MTLE Pedagogy and Content tests you may apply for a Tier 3 license.

Please make sure you are using THE MOST RECENT APPLICATION FORM found here:

Step 2: Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate application from the PELSB website, find the “Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program” form. DO NOT COMPLETE THE VERIFICATION FORM, this section must be completed by BSU’s Certification Officer. You may receive a completed Verification Form using one of the following options:

[PREFERRED] Option 1: You may email the Certification Officer with the following information:

  • BSU Student ID Number
  • License(s) you are seeking
  • Tier you are seeking
  • Your physical mailing address (not email)
  • If you are currently licensed, your File Folder Number [not needed for initial licensure]

You do not need to include the application if you select this option. 

Certification Officer Email:

Option 2: Alternatively, you may mail a hard copy of the Complete Application Packet (including fingerprint cards, original signatures, and payment for PELSB) to:

Bemidji State University
ATTN: Aspen Easterling
1500 Birchmont Drive NE # 35
Bemidji, MN 56601

Step 3: Upon receipt of the your information/form, the Certification Officer will verify your coursework completion and ensure we have official test scores on file for all required licensure exams. If everything is complete, the Certification Officer will sign and return the form to you with a SEALED copy of all relevant transcript(s). This takes approximately 2 weeks, but may take longer during peak licensing times. PELSB requires original signatures, so make sure to send the original form to them. If you have not met all of the requirements, the Certification Officer will NOT sign your form.

Step 4: Send your entire application to PELSB in ONE packet, this includes: the signed Verification Form, Review & Checklist, transcript(s), fingerprint card, and any other required documentation. Refer to the PELSB Review & Checklist included at the end of the application.

Step 5: Beginning July 1, 2019, PELSB will no longer be able to issue first-time licenses pending a background check. PELSB must receive fingerprint card results before issuing a license to a candidate. The 30-day processing window will not begin until PELSB has received all application materials and the completed background check. Once they receive the results of your background check PELSB will process your application and send you an email with a link to your license (you can print out a hard copy). Make sure your email address is correct on your application and do NOT use your BSU email address (you will lose access to it after a year). PELSB processing times vary, but they estimate 8-10 weeks.

Note: Once you begin the online application, you will have 60 days to complete it before your application fee is forfeit. Please be sure you can complete your application and mail it to PELSB within 60 days or you will have to repay the fee.

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions if you have additional questions.