Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is a 35 credit practical and flexible degree program culminating in a capstone experience which aligns to a student’s area of emphasis.

Required Core Courses:

ED 6100 Educational Research I (3cr) Fall & Spring
ED 6107 Advanced Educational Psychology (3c) Summer
ED 6334 Curriculum and Instruction (3cr) Spring

ED 6750 Educational Research II (2cr) Fall & Spring
ED 6850 Capstone (2cr)
Total Core (Required Core plus Required Core Electives): 20 credits
*Completion of these courses earns an Online Teaching Certificate

Required Core Electives:

Select 7 credits of electives with the consent of advisor. Courses not used to satisfy the 7 credit requirement may be used to satisfy the credit requirements for Elective Option 1.

ED 6108 The Learning Community (3c) Spring
ED 6117 Critical and Creative Thinking (3cr) Summer
*ED 6120 Critical Issues in Education (2cr) Summer
*ED 6336 Instructional Design (3cr) Fall
*ED 6446 Distance Education: History and Development (3cr) Summer
*ED 6447 Seminar in Teaching Online (2cr) Spring

*Online Teaching Certificate Courses

Elective Options

In addition to the required core, students complete 15 elective credits in one of three options:

  1. Open Study – recommended for students who wish to pursue interdisciplinary study or to teach in a non-traditional discipline
  2. New Courses –
    • ED 6400 School Admin & Leadership Fall
    • ED 6407 The Accomplished Teachers Spring
  3. Area of Emphasis – recommended for students who teach in a specific discipline and would like to focus on a particular area of that discipline
  4. Standards of Effective Practice (SEP) courses – recommended for students who plan to pursue Secondary Licensure (i.e. through FasTrack)

Please note: the MAT by itself is not a licensure-granting degree, but students may complete additional coursework in one of our licensure-only programs (i.e. FasTrack or Special Education Licensure) to become professionally licensed. For complete options, contact the Program Coordinator.

Final Paper/Project

ED 6850 Capstone (2cr)


Dr. Lisa Krall

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