Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is a 35 credit practical and flexible degree program culminating in a capstone experience which aligns to a student’s area of emphasis.

Required Core Courses:

ED 6100 Educational Research I (3cr) Fall, Spring & Summer
ED 6107 Advanced Educational Psychology (3c) Summer
ED 6334 Curriculum and Instruction (3cr) Spring

ED 6750 Educational Research II (2cr) Fall, Spring & Summer
ED 6850 Capstone (2cr) Fall, Spring & Summer
Total Core (Required Core plus Required Core Electives): 20 credits
*Completion of these courses earns an Online Teaching Certificate

Note on ED 6100, ED 6750, and ED 6850- These three courses are to be taken sequentially to work on the capstone proposal and capstone project for the MAT program. ED 6100 Educational Research I should be taken at the midpoint or near the of the MAT program. ED 6750 Educational Research II is to be taken after ED 6100. The final class of the MAT program is ED 6850 Capstone and is to be taken after ED 6750

Required Core Electives:(scheduled offerings through summer 2021)

Select 7 credits of electives with the consent of the advisor. Courses not used to satisfy the 7 credit requirement may be used to satisfy the credit requirements for Elective Option 1.

ED 6108 The Learning Community (3c) Spring
ED 6117 Critical and Creative Thinking (3cr) Summer
*ED 6120 Critical Issues in Education (2cr) Summer
*ED 6336 Instructional Design (3cr) Fall
*ED 6446 Distance Education: History and Development (3cr) Summer
*ED 6447 Seminar in Teaching Online (2cr) Spring

*Online Teaching Certificate Courses

Beginning the Fall 2021, the MAT program will offer Required Core Elective classes on an odd-even year cycle. Please see the listings below for the Fall 2021 updated schedule for the Required Core Electives.

  • ED 6108 The Learning Community (3 credits) Spring-even year
  • ED 6117 Critical and Creative Thinking (3 credits) Summer- odd year
  • ED 6120 Critical Issues in Education (2 credits) Fall- even year
  • ED 6336 Instructional Design (3 credits) Fall- odd year
  • ED 6446 Distance Education: History and Development (3 credits) Summer- even year
  • ED 6447 Seminar in Teaching Online (2 credits) Spring- odd year
Elective Options

In addition to the required core, students complete 15 elective credits in one of three options:

  1. Open Study – recommended for students who wish to pursue interdisciplinary study or to teach in a non-traditional discipline
  2. New Courses –
    • ED 6400 School Admin & Leadership Fall 2020 and Fall- odd year starting Fall 2021
    • ED 6407 The Accomplished Teachers Spring 2021 and Fall -even year starting Fall 2021
  3. Area of Emphasis – recommended for students who teach in a specific discipline and would like to focus on a particular area of that discipline
  4. Standards of Effective Practice (SEP) courses – recommended for students who plan to pursue Secondary Licensure (i.e. through FasTrack)

Please note: the MAT by itself is not a licensure-granting degree, but students may complete additional coursework in one of our licensure-only programs (i.e. FasTrack or Special Education Licensure) to become professionally licensed. For complete options, contact the Program Coordinator.

Final Paper/Project

ED 6850 Capstone (2cr)


Dr. Timothy Goodwin 

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