Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Application Questions Before Starting the READING LICENSURE Program:

 1. When should I apply?

You may apply at any time, but we recommend applying at least one month prior to the start of classes.

 2. When will the program begin?

New cohorts begin each fall.

 3. Can I transfer in classes from other institutions and/or Bemidji State University?

It is possible. Courses need to be within seven-years to your application to the program. A transcript review along with a review of the syllabi will be needed to insure the MN Standards have been addressed. If the courses you took are at the undergraduate level (for example ED 3201, ED 4737, ED 3212 or ED 3305), you will need to retake the course due to a missing graduate component. This is a graduate program.

 4. If I do not have a current teaching license, am I eligible for this program?

You may start the coursework without a license, but you will need a teaching license before you finish the program. The MN Department of Education identifies the Reading Teacher K-12 License as an add-on to your original licensure area.

 5. I have a license from another state, can I apply for the reading program?

Please make sure to check with the MN Department of Education Licensing Department if you want to teach in Minnesota. There are specific guidelines for MN. If you want to teach in another state and complete your Reading Teacher K-12 license at Bemidji State University, please check with your state-licensing department to make sure all requirements are met. It is HIGHLY recommended you do this before you start the program.

6. I am currently a graduate student at Bemidji State University and I would like to add on this license to my program. What do I need to do?

Complete an Application Addendum, which will help the Graduate Studies Office identify what needs to be added for you:

 7. If I have more questions about the reading program, who do I contact?

You may send messages through this website:

 8. What is the minimum GPA requirement for the Reading Teacher Licensure K-12 program?

3.0 GPA

 9. If I want to apply to the reading program, what is my first step to begin the process?

Please contact the Graduate Office and fill out the application:

10. How will I learn about my acceptance to the program?

You will receive a confirmation letter from the Reading Teacher K-12 program and Professional Education Department.

Program Questions Once Accepted and Enrolled IN THE READING LICENSURE PROGRAM:

 1. How many courses are offered each semester?

We offer two courses each semester in the reading program.

 2. Can I take a break from taking classes when I am in the program?

Yes, we do recognize personal issues may come up and interfere with your program. The courses are offered in a specific sequence. You may need to wait until they are offered again. Please see the program plan.

 3. Will I need to fulfill field/practicum/service learning experiences with this program? If so, will Bemidji State University help me to coordinate these experiences?

Yes, we do have field experiences included throughout the program. You will need to work with students at the elementary, the middle school and high school levels in order to meet the MN requirements for a Reading Teacher K-12 license.

You will be responsible for coordinating your own field experiences. Bemidji State University will not be assisting students with this process.

 4. Will I need to purchase textbooks for my classes?

Yes, the costs varies each semester, but the average cost is approximately $350.

 5. Since this is an online program, is there a time in which we need to be online?

This will vary by course. The instructor will coordinate times with students if this it is needed.

 6. What are the tuition costs for the program?

We have a tool on the BSU website that will help you estimate tuition. Just choose Graduate and Online:

 7. Are there any scholarships or others funds I can apply for to support my program?

Currently, there are none, but please check for updates in the future.

 8. What resources do you have for students who are new to online learning?

Bemidji State University uses D2L (Desire to Learn- Brightspace) platform for online courses. You may also use Google Drive, WIKIs and other technology resources in addition to D2L. You can find online tutorials here:

9. Minnesota requires all teachers pursuing a Reading Teacher K-12 license to take the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam. Will Bemidji State University provide support for me?

No, this is your responsibility. We will provide you with schemata and instructional input for reading. For study materials and assessment information for the Reading Teacher (Grades K-12) MTLE, please see: