Social Studies Endorsement

The Social Studies Endorsement, added onto an existing license, results in licensure to teach Middle School Social Studies (Grades 5-8).

The Social Studies Endorsement is optional for students earning a professional teaching license. The credits can be taken in addition to a student’s plan of study each semester as their schedule permits, pending noted prerequisites.

Social Studies Endorsement

Take all of the following:

  • ED 4737 Content Area Reading (3 credits)
    25 hours of field experience outside of class
    Offered fall and spring (online options vary)
  • ED 3417 Teaching and Learning in the Middle School (3 credits)
    Only offered in the fall (online)
  • ED 3580 Teaching of Middle and Secondary School Social Studies (4 credits)
    25 hours of field experience outside of class
  • ECON 2000 Markets and Resource Allocation (3 credits)
  • GEOG 2100 Introduction to Physical Geography (3 credits)
  • GEOG 2200 Introduction to Human Geography (3 credits)
  • HST 1115 United States History II, since 1877 (3 credits)
  • HST 2610 Minnesota History (3 credits)
  • POL 1200 Introduction to American Politics (3 credits)

Student Teaching:

  • ED 4840 Student Teaching – Special Fields (5 credits)*
    4 weeks full-time practicum/student teaching in Middle School Social Studies(5-8)

Total: 24-29 credits

Please note: There is an additional MTLE Content Test for Middle Level Social Studies Licensure.

*When combined with Elementary Education you will complete a total of 12 Student Teaching Credits.