Field Experience


For all on-campus, undergrad ED students taking courses requiring field experience placement.
(EXCEPTIONS: Grad Students, Distance Students, DLiTE & FasTrack Students.  Ask your course instructor if you are unsure. Occasionally a student in one of these groups is specifically asked to work with the Campus Clinical Office for placement, especially if they live in Bemidji.)




USE THIS Log Sheet if working with a Cooperating Teacher in a School

Blank Log Sheet for FALL 2020 (Word version)
Blank Log Sheet for FALL 2020 (PDF version)

EXAMPLE OF DISPOSITIONS SURVEY QUESTIONS:  The actual form will be emailed to each host teacher.
Dispositions Survey Questions

FALL 2020 FACT SHEETS about Field Experience Courses
Information for the host teacher
S20 ED 3100 – Coggins, Smith
S20 ED 3201-5201 – Rivard
S20 ED 3202 – OBryan
S20 ED 3208-O’Bryan
S20 ED 3350-Cole
S20 ED 3410 01-Urban
S20 ED 3440-Hansen
S20 GEOG 3460-Lawrence
S20 ED 3677-Cole
S20 ED 4737-5737-Colburn
Continuing-Education-Units-20-21 CEU


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