All teacher candidates participating in clinical experiences are required to have liability insurance.

Follow these steps to obtain insurance

  1. The easiest way to purchase liability insurance is to go to Education Minnesota (Please read through the information below to understand your options.)
  2. Scroll down and click on “Online Application.” This is the application to become a member of Education Minnesota/National Education Association, which includes liability coverage.
  3. The membership/coverage period each academic year is from September 1st to August 31st. Membership/coverage expires every August regardless of purchase date.
  4. You can sign up in advance; the application process begins each year on July 1st.

The Price

The cost is $25 dollars per year. It covers the period from September 1 to August 31. Coverage expires every August regardless of purchase date.

The Purpose

Liability insurance protects you and BSU. During classroom field experiences, a candidate may encounter situations that could involve legal actions in which you could be held personally liable for damages. Liability insurance will provide protection for most lawsuits and is mandatory before you enter the classroom.


  1. It is comparatively inexpensive:
    A $25 membership provides a member benefit of $1 million in professional teacher liability coverage through NEA.
  2. It is simple:
    Insurance through the Education Minnesota Student Program can be purchased online using a credit card.
  3. Your “proof of coverage” is automatically emailed to the Clinical Experiences Office:
    EDMN sends the Clinical Experiences Office an insurance report every Monday listing all the currently insured students. Students do not need to send their receipts to the Clinical office unless their placement information is being held until they prove their coverage.

Do I have to Join EDMN? No

  1. Other professional organizations may provide a similar liability insurance coverage member benefit. Coverage must be equal to, or greater than, the coverage offered by EDMN.
  2. MNSHAPE, AAE, other professional associations, as well as some school district employers may provide acceptable coverage. Proof of membership or coverage is required.
  3. Homeowners insurance does NOT include the type of liability insurance that is required for teacher candidates.
  4. Parental liability insurance also is NOT usually comprehensively applicable to classroom situations.

Please contact Renae Spangler or Katelynn Bozich with questions.