Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required for all education students.

Liability Insurance Link

During the course of classroom practicum experiences, a candidate may encounter situations which could involve legal actions in which you could be held personally liable for damages.
Liability insurance is for a teacher candidate’s protection.
Liability insurance will provide protection for the vast majority of lawsuits and is mandatory before you enter the classroom.

Bemidji State University Education students can fulfill the liability insurance requirement by purchasing a membership through the Education Minnesota Student Program.
The student then receives a member benefit of $1 million in professional teacher liability coverage through NEA.
Cost is $25 per year for the period of September 1 to August 31. Insurance through the Education Minnesota Student Program can be purchased on-line using a credit card.
Go to Education Minnesota, on the top, next to Membership, click on Student, then click on “Apply online for 2019-2020 the membership year“.

*A student may also purchase liability insurance through a private insurance company of their choice. (please see info below)

A few reminders about how liability insurance works….

  • Term of Coverage: The liability insurance offered through EdMN mirrors the academic year (September 1 to August 31).  That means it expires at the end of summer regardless of when it was purchased.  It is “good for one year” only if it is purchased by September 1.  Because students are accepted into the program year-round and allowed to take their first ED course in Spring Semester, most of the Spring semester ED 3100 students will have to purchase their insurance in January and it will expire that same August.
  • Providing Proof of Insurance: EdMN sends the Clinical Office an insurance report every Monday listing all of the currently-insured students.  Students do not need to send their receipts to the Clinical Office unless they have failed to purchase their insurance during the first week of the semester, or their field placement is being held until they prove their coverage.
  • Other types of insurance?: *Homeowners insurance does not include the type of liability insurance that is required for our students. Parental liability insurance also is not usually comprehensively applicable to classroom situations.
  • Field experiences will be arranged only for students who provide verification of the liability insurance requirement.
  • Students should contact Sabrina in the Campus Clinical Office if they are unsure about their liability insurance status.

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