Twin Cities Residencies

In the spring semester of 2019, Bemidji State will be piloting immersion-style student-teaching residencies with select schools in the Twin Cities.  If you are interested in pursuing this as the option for your student teaching, you’ll spend the first 4 weeks of the semester at your Twin Cities school and then spend the remainder of the 12 weeks at a site of your choice.

How does the residency work?

Student teachers will co-teach alongside teachers who have been trained in the interdisciplinary, constructivist, globally-focused instructional framework know as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

IB teachers receive ongoing professional development and coaching to help them ensure that the enduring themes, big ideas, learning objectives, and assessments in their courses are aligned in a way that keeps instruction relevant and centered on the meaning making of the students.

Student teachers will be in classrooms from Monday-Thursday for 4 weeks.  On Friday mornings, student teachers will meet for further professional development related to the instructional and cultural initiatives underway in their schools, as well as coaching toward how to use the constructivist IB model to make sense of their own edTPA lesson design.  Sessions would conclude by noon, so student teachers could spend the weekend in northern MN if needed for family and/or work obligations.

Why participate?  

There are several reasons we are exploring these partnerships with select IB schools in the Twin Cities.

In part, BSU students are constrained by our campus location for meaningful experiences with English Learners (ELs) and the best practices found in models like SIOP for infusing lessons with access to academic language.  Immersing student teachers with seasoned teachers of ELs gives them a chance to truly be ready to teach in any part of Minnesota upon graduation.

Additionally, by choosing to partner with IB schools, we are guaranteeing that our student teachers not only get access to constructivist theory in their content coursework, but are also mentored into the practice of it as they begin their teaching careers.

Where will they be?

See the school profiles below to learn more about our partnerships.

Global Academy

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Global Academy is a K-8 IB charter school located in the north-central suburbs of the Twin Cities.  They are currently located in Columbia Heights, but will be moving to new campus in New Brighton for the 2019-2020 school year.  They have 2 classrooms for each grade level, or about 40 students per grade.

Global Academy employs highly-reliable instructional and leadership practices to ensure that an overwhelming majority of their students are socially and academically successful, even though 85% of the students qualify for free-reduced priced lunch and/or are first-generation immigrants.  Global Academy exemplifies the educational research that continually points to the fact that when teachers and leaders hold high expectations for students and themselves, students can soar.

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Some resources to further explore:

Before we leave for the residency at Global Academy, student teachers will meet to review these core instructional practices so they are ready to fully participate in Global’s program on Day 1.