Phase 1 – Apply to the DLiTE program

  • Apply to BSUBemidji State University Application Online
    • For Type of Major, select “online”
    • For Intended Area of Study, select “Elementary Education”
    • For Intended Degree/Award, select “Bachelor of Science”
  • Submit official transcripts of all schools attended (BSU retrieves Minnesota State college and university transcripts)
  • Submit a 500 word essay titled “Why Teach?”
  • Submit a Letter of Recommendation
    • Attach your essay and letter of recommendation as separate files directly to: *Be sure your BSU Tech ID or StarID is included on all attachments.

Upon meeting the admissions requirements and completing the steps above, you will be emailed an acceptance letter if you have been accepted into the DLiTE program. After being accepted into the program you may continue on to Phase 2 (see below). If you have not met the admissions requirements, a letter will also be emailed.

Phase 2 – After being accepted into the DLiTE program

*Teacher Mentor– Have your mentor complete the DLiTE Mentor Application form. You must have a mentor prior to starting. Mentor selection: No family or friends, minimum three years experience, currently teaching in your area in a K-6 public school. Make certain your mentor has the Principal-Mentor Teacher Responsibilities Letter which also lists the mentor requirements.

*Student Liability Insurance– All DLiTE students must purchase student liability insurance. Even if you are employed with a school district, you must have student insurance. 

  • You will be in multiple classrooms and must be covered in case of an accident or harmful occurrence to you or a student. Every semester, all DLiTE students will be in the classroom, so you must obtain liability insurance for each academic year that you are active in the program.
  • The easiest and usually cheapest option for students is to buy from Education Minnesota. The Education Minnesota Student Program (EMSP) is a pre-professional organization for college and university students planning to be teachers. As a requirement to begin DLiTE, you need to purchase EMSP liability insurance before stepping into the classroom for your student teaching experiences.
  • EMSP insurance is $25 and is valid from September 1 to August 31 each school year.
  • Please click on the following link to purchase liability insurance. Put the address that you would like your Education Minnesota Membership card to be mailed to you. Be sure to leave the complimentary Instructor Magazine box checked. This is a free, one year subscription to this magazine. EMSP also offers professional resources for teacher candidates‚ review the website for options.
  • Please send verification that you purchased Student Liability Insurance to our program manager at prior to attending the first face-to-face start-up/orientation. If you do not purchase and retain Student Liability Insurance from Education Minnesota you will not be able to participate and continue in DLiTE courses and activities.
  • It is your responsibility to renew your student insurance each academic year.

ALL face-to-face (F2F) sessions are mandatory per BSU’s agreement with the MN Board of Teaching.